They say you can't go back. And for many of us that's bad news because our best years are behind us.

Kyle, Andy, and Brice are three high school friends from Southern California who each went their separate ways after college, settling down in three different states, which left two on the West Coast and one in the Midwest.
After several text conversations about the difficulties of life, marriage, and fatherhood, they decided that they weren't going to let life win. They believe they've found a way to recapture their youthful spirits while becoming better husbands and fathers.
Here's who they are:

kyle richardson electric beach

Kyle Richardson

Drawing comics late into the night in his bedroom, Kyle would create characters and stories that defied the norm (superhero Asparagus Man). When his parents bought a video camera in middle school, he transferred that storytelling passion into visual form, making voiceover kung-fu movies with his younger brother. However, it wasn't until he entered high school that he and his friends would take their craft seriously, writing, acting, and editing films for school projects and church groups. Being a father of three and corporate employee, Kyle recognizes the struggle many men face these days to find their true passion and be true to their core. He is on a lifelong mission to help men reconnect with their souls and live out their purpose as fathers, employees, husbands and citizens. He lives just outside of Portland, OR with his wife and three kids.

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Andy Toy

Since childhood the art of mastering a quality story has been Andy's life passion. Finding inspiration from Pixar Animation Studios, he attempted writing books of all genres, but he learned that you've got to do something great before you can become a successful author. He's still trying to figure out how to do that. Bruised and swollen by the glass ceiling, he has recently taken a step out of the traditional corporate work setting in order to tone his skill set so that he can become successful on his own terms and one day write his own checks. He and his wife live in Louisville, KY with their two adopted kids and foster child.

brice villaflor electric beach

Brice Villaflor

Growing up in the outskirts of Los Angeles County, Brice experienced the hardships of a broken family.  He had to learn how to avoid blaming life's unfortunate circumstances on his parents' decisions and harness fatherly examples around him.  Athletic, musical, and faith-based experiences were, and are, Brice's biggest passions in life.  Now, in the Mojave Desert, the journey continues in marriage, fatherhood, and life.