Author: Brice Villaflor

Athletics, music, and faith-based experiences are Brice's biggest passions in life. Living in the Mojave Desert, his journey continues in marriage, fatherhood, and life.

Top 5 Movie Moments That Didn’t Make Sense

kevin calls police

In the 90’s classic, Hook, how did Peter Banning forget being… well… you know… Peter Pan? Is not love enough to explain motive?  Is not the lack of practice enough to explain loss of magical power?  The script writers of Hook felt the need to add one more ingredient.  Peter Banning forgot his childhood.  What?!  […]

Top 10 Worst Han Solo Movie Titles

Han Solo Chewy Chewbacca Millennium Falcon Cockpit Pilot Co-Pilot

Han Solo: A Prequel-era Story That Doesn’t Suck This title kicks off our worst title list because setting the bar for Star Wars films to be better than a prequel-era film doesn’t say much.  Mee-sah no bother!   The Racing Smuggler: Fewer Parsecs Than Sebulba It looks like Han will be some sort of racer […]