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back to the future remake cast

Remake Recast!

Most Hollywood films have their moment in the sun and then fade away off into the sunset.  In the post-Blockbuster era, it is only harder to find old classics.  The Back to the Future franchise is the exception, as it has aged well over the years.  Between blazing BluRay sales and the near prediction of the Cubs winning the World Series in 2015, Back to the Future fans everywhere are thirsty for more.  What better to satisfy the appetite but to come up with our own remake!  What is a remake/recast?  It’s as if we were hired as the casting director to launch a modern remake of a film.

With no further delay, here is Electric Beach’s cast of Back to the Future!


Jennifer (Marty McFly’s girlfriend)

So, Jennifer must be a good fainter and have a flair for drama.

Dramatic flair = Anna Kendrick.

anna kendrick back to the future remake

This is an easy fit.  Anna could bring a bigger presence to the character and be able to play multiple roles as they famously did in the original franchise.  She might be a few years older than when she played a high school senior several years ago, in Pitch Perfect, but we think Anna can pull it off.



Who could be that bullying, love-to-hate antagonist that would intimidate and challenge our hero?

Hello!  McFly?!  Cameron Monaghan.

cameron monaghan as biff in back to the future

Climbing the ranks of TV stardom, our favorite comparable role for Cameron is when he stared as Jerome in the TV series Gotham.  Gotham is set several years before Batman ever dawns the bat suit.  Many Gotham fans believe Jerome, Cameron’s character, will eventually become the Joker!  Cameron plays him so well.  Here’s a link where Jerome reveals his true character in Gotham.


Doctor Brown (Doc)

Now, where can we find an enthusiastic scientist that is smart enough to build a time machine?

Great Scott!  It’s Jeff Goldblum!

jeff goldblum as doc brown in back to the future

The Doc is in!  Who better to dawn the lab suit and rock a time machine than someone who knows a thing or two about how to play a scientist.  Jeff’s eccentric weirdness would fit perfectly in this role.


Marty McFly

Here’s our hero that is about 70% cool in a relatable way, 20% dorky without being labeled a nerd, 10% courageous when he really puts his mind to it, and 0% chicken.  If only there was a character like this in recent films that we could use as a template for Marty.  Umm…Spiderman?

That’s right, it’s Tom Holland!

tom holland as marty mcfly in back to the future

Who you callin’ chicken?  We would love to see Tom in the time machine, rocking the sunglasses, escaping Biff, and riding the HovrBoard!


The Time Machine

Ok so, this is more of a prop department’s duties to choose the modern-day DeLorean but, we couldn’t resist.

tesla as the new delorean in back to the future

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