This Breaking Bad Sketch is so Real You’ll Think You’re Staring at Walter White Himself

breaking bad walter white

We’ve been having major withdrawals since AMC’s Breaking Bad went off the air. Fortunately, we have the Better Call Saul prequel to fill that spot, but it’s just not the same without “the one who knocks”.

That’s why we were so excited to stumble across this amazing BB illustration. Nestor Canavarro, an illustrator living in Argentina, completed a hyperrealistic of Bryan Cranston, otherwise known as Walter White from the hit AMC tv series ‘Breaking Bad’. What makes the artist’s portrait unique is that he completed the entire thing using colored pencils. I don’t know about you, but I certainly had no idea colored pencils were capable of providing such realism and detail!

You can see other previous steps of the process and more of Canavarro’s works at

Kyle Richardson

Kyle Richardson

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Kyle Richardson