Leia’s Shocking Truth in The Last Jedi

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Star Wars fans everywhere are speculating whether its latest episode, The Last Jedi, will live up to the shock-factor of its predecessor, The Empire Strikes Back.  This debate took the main stage when the Japanese Star Wars poster surfaced, claiming that episode VIII will reveal the most shocking truth ever in Star Wars history!  What truth will be revealed and how will its shock level surpass the I am your father moment that changed the history of film forever?  We have a theory that seems so plausible that it should require a spoiler alert.  Readers: consider yourselves warned!

To set up the theory, first ask yourselves Truly why did Luke seclude himself on the island planet?  Is it hard to believe that there is more than guilt over Kylo Ren going to the dark side, after Luke trained him in the Jedi ways?

Here’s the synopsis:  Towards the end of The Last Jedi, Luke, is in pursuit of Snoke.  This leads him and Rey to Vader’s castle.  There, Luke has a showdown with Del Toro’s character, the Dark Jedi.  Rey has her rematch with Kylo Ren.  Luke gains the upper hand and disables the Dark Jedi.  Rey is pushed aside, which turns the battle into a Skywalker / Ren match!  After intriguing dialog Luke easily handles Ren and is about to take his life when he is suddenly force-persuaded to let up.  Simultaneously, not one, but two figures in the nearby shadows come into the light.  The scene cuts to Rey where she recovers and looks towards the two figures shocked to find that one of them is none other than Leia!  The other figure is Snoke in the flesh.  Both were walking side by side. No one notices that Rey has recovered.  She turns to look at Luke.  Luke talks to Leia as if he knew all along that Leia was deceiving everyone around her!  Rey is distraught wondering why Luke withheld the truth from her.

Now, a series of flashbacks and force-visions overcome Rey.  Various scenes are collaged together.

All political scenes of Leia, depicted as desiring power and control

Leia’s silhouette shot from the trailer, shaped very much like Vader

Leia pleading with Han (from The Force Awakens) to find their son

Ren killing Han, suggesting that Leia wanted Han to find Ren so Ren would kill him

Potentially a scene of Leia telling Rey to go on without her to Ahch-To, showing that she did not want to face Luke and reveal the truth at that time

Luke watches from afar, the Knights of Ren standing over all the dead Jedi-in-training who were students of Luke.  Skywalker arrived too late.  Kylo and the Knights walk over to a nearby ship where Leia greets them.  Kylo embraces his proud mother.  Leia says, “Together we’ll rule the galaxy.  You will become a great Sith Lord like your grandfather was before you”.  This suggests that Leia was the one that led her son to believe that Vader died a Sith Lord.  Kylo holds Luke responsible for killing his grandfather.

Next we see Luke falling to his knees with his hand on R2, looking on towards his Jedi school burning to the ground

Luke, out of fear of having to face his sister, inserts a digital map into R2 and departs for Ahch-To

Snoke takes memories from young Rey.  Leia, Ren, and Snoke leave Rey behind on Jakku!  Leia says make sure my daughter doesn’t leave this place

Back to Vader’s castle where both the Dark Jedi and Kylo Ren are out of commission, Rey is out of sight, and Leia is standing next to Snoke.  Luke urges his sister to let go of her fear and hate.  He insists that Leia can do so just as their father did on his final day.  Kylo overhears the discussion, laying nearby.  Leia steps back and Snoke pursues Luke.  The two have a battle unlike we have ever seen in Star Wars.  Leia comes to the aid of her son.  We hear a lightsaber ignite and a green blade protrudes through Leia’s torso.  Leia falls and rolls to her back, laying in her recovering son’s lap.  We pan up to Rey standing over mother and son.  In tears Rey shouts, “You abandoned me!  You left me to slavery all those years!  I was nothing to you!  I waited for you!”  Luke turns to find Leia had been fatally wounded and in anger, Luke screams.  The whole ground shakes causing everyone to evacuate the castle.  Snoke leaves with Leia in his arms.  Kylo recovers just in time to leave.  On his way out, Kylo force-crushes his helmet and force-pushes the pieces through the glass that was once Vader’s bacta tank.  Kylo felt like he was representing a lie!  Luke and Rey exit the castle and board the Millennium Falcon.  Ren boards Snoke’s ship.  Leia and Ren have their last dialogue together before Leia dies in Ren’s arms.

Disney quickly ruled out Carey Fisher appearing as a CGI Leia in episode IX.  They can accomplish this very easily if the character, Leia dies in episode VIII.

With Rey being a Solo and the younger sister of Kylo Ren, how will she ever face Kylo again in battle?  As Kylo wrestles with the idea that his all-powerful grandfather, Vader turned away from the dark side of the force, how then does he move forward in his pursuit of following in his footsteps?  We are left wondering how both hero and villain will deal with their new-found truths.

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