Did Spider-Man really need ANOTHER reboot?

spider-man: homecoming movie

The answer is no. Outside of tying the Marvel Universe together, we didn’t really need another Spider-Man movie.

But now that we have it, we’re glad it exists!!

It’s not a reboot, per se. The Amazing Spider-Man was a true copy-cat reboot, even if it did improve on the highly successful Toby Maguire original. It’s also not a sequel. In fact, it literally has nothing to do with the original Spider-Man movies and it takes on its own story.

If The Dark Knight trilogy brings depth and darkness to the superhero genre, then Spider-Man: Homecoming brings hilarity and lightness to the other end of the table.

And hilarious it is! It’s borderline slapstick in that it shifts a ton of focus onto making the audience laugh and have a seriously enjoyable time. If your kids are begging you to let them watch Deadpool, this should be a very satisfying replacement for them.

This newest Spider-Man reminds me of movies like The Italian Job and The Wolf of Wall Street, where you can tell that the whole cast and crew is just having fun, almost not caring what the audiences will think of it because they have so much faith in the characters and the story.

spider-man: homecoming movie

Toby Maguire brought a geekiness to the web-slinging hero and Andrew Garfield made him gothic. Fans of the original Spider-Man will be pleased to know that Tom Holland brings an innocence and naive jubilance to the role. He’s a young kid (literally 14), who wants to just have fun and fit in with the big guys at the same time.

As for Michael Keaton’s part as the Vulture, he is creepy and menacing without getting comic-book-y. He pulls it off so well that you almost get creeped out by his smile. And you can tell he had fun with this role as well, probably harkening him back past the recent days of Bird Man all the way to Batman. You can tell he played off of a little bit of Jack Nicholson’s Joker with his sinister smile and don’t-mess-with-me eyes.

The other Avengers who make cameos are limited but crucial. They don’t distract or take away, which was my biggest concern going into it, but they truly do add value to the movie and enhance Peter’s growth in a surprisingly believable way.

As for the action scenes, this is coming from a guy who doesn’t necessarily care for explosions and expensive set pieces: They actually had a ton of tension and suspense in them, which surprised me. Especially coming from a  Marvel movie. I usually tune out when they start fighting, but these action sequences were actually intense and they weren’t overly drawn out as they usually are in these cookie-cutter movies.

Is it the best Avengers movie? Easily. Without question.

Is it the best super hero movie? I’ll rank it just below The Dark Knight and The Incredibles.

Is it the best Spider-Man movie? It’s a different flavor, and I don’t mean that in a dismissive way at all.

It’s the kind of movie where you’d have to be a dud not to enjoy it, so take the family and treat yourself to the surprise hit of the year. And yes, it really is a high school movie first and foremost, but it’s the only one that I know of where the whole family can enjoy it together.

Andrew Toy

Andrew Toy

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Andrew Toy