What Friends would survive The Walking Dead?

We had so much fund deciding who from The Office would survive The Walking Dead that we decided to give it another go.

The beloved characters from our favorite 90’s show grew up in the same world we occupy. It was safe, a little spunky, and somewhat predictable. No one gave death a second thought, and certainly no one had to plan an evacuation route in case of some sort of apocalypse, namely a zombie apocalypse. But, in the case of Friends, how would the characters reacted to the threat of a zombie invasion such as in The Walking Dead? Read on to find out.

Ross Geller: Ross was the lovable dinosaur enthusiast with a PH.D who was always playing it safe. Overly cautious, sometimes neurotic, I think it’d be safe to say that he would be the first to be taken out in the event of a walker plague. There are many reasons for this. First, of all the Friends, he has the widest net spread. He’d have to decide between hiding out with his parents (as the “medical marvel”); Carol and Susan, who have custody of his firstborn, Ben; or Rachel and Emma (assuming, of course, he and Rachel are still together, or they haven’t killed each other yet). It’s likely he would get so flustered with his decision that he’d break under pressure, and get it in his head that he can take on the walkers himself yielding the power of unagi (a state of total awareness upon which self defense is useless without). So while Ross has got his fingers to his head trying to become self-aware, he’d be the first and easiest target for the walkers.
Rachel Green: While her boyfriend/fiance/husband(?) Ross would be channeling his inner unagi, Rachel would be appointed the task of keeping Emma alive at all costs. With the city evacuating, she wouldn’t dare pack light. She’d have suitcases and trunks to haul behind her as she and Emma hit the streets. And of course, seeing Macy’s and Pottery Barn with their doors hanging wide open, she’d sneak in to collect a few more items. Eventually the walkers would trap her in one of the stores and she and Emma would meet their untimely deaths. Happily, Rachel would die surrounded by the things she loves most.
Monica and Chandler Bing: I don’t think we have to worry about the Bings and their twins. Throughout the ten years we spent getting to know them we’ve learned that Chandler has a knack for standing up when he’s most needed, and of course, this would be the time when Monica and the twins would need him most. With Chandler’s wit and Monica’s strength (remember those back rubs?), they’d camp out on the highest skyscraper they can find. And, with Monica’s propensity for befriending criminals, she would be able to break into any apartment in that building for food and shelter. Rest assured, all four Bings would surely survive a walker attack, and sarcasm and zingers will carry on through the Bing lineage.
Phoebe and Mike Hannigan: Phoebe was raised on the streets. Mike was not. Also, Mike is Paul Rudd. I think this is an easy call. Hopefully the widow Phoebe will reunite with Chandler and Monica.
Joey Tribbiani: At the time of the outbreak Joey would be in California trying to make it big. With a failed and short-lived sitcom in his back pocket and women to schmooze, he might not really grasp the gravity of the situation once word reaches the West Coast. In his Joey mind, he might see it as his opportunity to actually make a name for himself in Hollywood while everyone else flees and digs shelters. The problem is, it’s Hollywood, and they all think alike. So really, no one in Hollywood evacuates. Instead of running out, they continue to try claw their way in. And celebrities are loud! With their souped up sports cars and wild partying, they’re sure to attract the walkers at record speed.
Gunther: We can’t forget about the Central Perk barista who spent his life with lame attempts at wooing Rachel. What would happen to Gunter? Well, that’s for you to decide. Leave a comment below with your prediction and we’ll choose the best one to publish. Go!

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