Why we’re excited about Cars 3

Disney and Pixar just dropped the trailer for Cars 3 and it. Looks. Awesome!

Admittedly Cars was an honest effort. Even though we personally loved it, we know it’s not high up on people’s Pixar-meters. But it still stands high above non-Pixar animated fare.
Cars 2 was. Well. It just was, unfortunately. We’re going to be nice and leave it at that. If you haven’t seen it, let’s just say the summer Cars 2 was released was worse than the year Pixar didn’t give us a movie.
Then the internet broke into a fit of rage when Pixar announced they were releasing a third installment to the lackluster franchise.
THEN the internet broke into a morbid party when Pixar showed us that unforgettable teaser where Lightning McQueen bit it on the race track.
If anything, it was the greatest marketing campaign since Apple’s Macintosh announcement during the 1984 Super Bowl.
Now, with the full trailer playing on repeat on our computer screens, here’s why we’re so excited about Cars 3!
1. Mater was only in the trailer for a couple of seconds.
We’ve got to get this one off our chest. We noticed a lot of things in this trailer, but the thing that jumped out the most was the almost total absence of Mater. Not that we hate him, per say, we’re still just holding a grudge against him for taking over Cars 2 and well, ruining what could have been kind of a cool movie.
2. The explosions-filled obstacle course
We basically really want to see more fire! More explosions! Maybe some popped tires. We cannot wait to see this American Gladiator-style obstacle course Pixar set up for their racers.
3. The adult themes
Pixar is known for tackling heavy issues, which endears their films more toward adults than kids most of the time. This one seems to be no exception with McQueen grappling with rusty joints and tuckering out at his old age. As kids we learn that we’re mortal. As adults we learn something worse: we’re dispensable. We look forward to the lessons Pixar will teach us.
4. Callbacks to the original
If Pixar does anything right (and let’s face it, what don’t they do right?) it’s callbacks and nastalgia. The trailer featured some televised clips from the original race that introduced us to Lightning McQueen. Another indication that they’re writing Cars 2 off as just some dumb, expensive nightmare.
5. Epic, epic, epic
Granted, it’s just a trailer, but we got a feeling we haven’t yet felt from a Cars movie before. It felt epic. It felt like there was a lot at stake and there are big dangerous adventures that are going to be had and serious psychological issues to deal with. Who doesn’t like a good epic, even if it involves talking cars?
6. The beach
For all of their movies based around fish and aquariums and world-traveling, Pixar spends a remarkably little amount of time at the beach (with the exception of the adorable Piper short). We can’t wait to see pretty cars driving on wet, slick beaches. Especially if they’re Pixar beaches.

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